3D Printing

As always, I encourage small business owners and large business owners to seriously explore modern technologies role and effect on your business. Like I discussed with websites, certain technologies can have pivotal roles on your business. Even if your not someone who likes to stay abreast of new technologies, and simply likes to operate how you have been for the past decade, it’s important for the sake of your business you keep up. Though it’s not necessary to know about every emerging technology, it is important to be familiar with popular technologies that the masses have adopted. Many times technologies come about that may seriously impact your business either in a positive way or a negative way. Some technologies may emerge that may make your business obsolete, while others might offer your business a huge opportunity. So it’s good to be forward thinking, and know what’s coming, and how you can adapt to incorporate the technology, or get out of its way.

Today I want to discuss a modern technology that in the near future will make a huge impact on a lot of different businesses. Like many technologies, it may dismantle certain sectors and make them obsolete, and it may create whole new sectors that have never existed. The technology I am referring to is 3D printing, and in the near future it will cause a lot of commotion.

Still in its infancy, 3D printing is primarily used by large businesses that can afford the large and expansive machinery. However that is changing quickly. Many start up companies are emerging that can offer these futuristic machines, in a size and budget that can accommodate a home office. This means that someone from home can make a 3D widget of anything they can imagine. Whether its a piece of jewelry, a tool, an art piece or whatever else, you can now print it in the convenience of your own home. Though 3D printers are not in everyone’s home yet, you better believe they someday will be. So what will that mean to your business? Could your business gain from this technology? Can you now manufacture parts from your home or office cheaper than you can buy them at the store? Or can people perhaps possibly replicate your jewelry or art work from their home?

There is a lot of things to consider, but as with any new technology you can bet your behind its going to shift the markets around, and who has market share in specific sectors. It may single handedly wipe out all the craft stores, home improvement stores and much more.

Most likely it will put power back into the hands of small businesses who can now leverage this technology and produce things that would have previously required expensive machinery that only a large manufacture could afford.

What is 3D printing anyway?

3D printing is essentially a process by which an object is created layer by layer using plastic, or another material, eventually constructing a full 3D object. Check out the video below to get a better visual of what I am talking about.

As you can see, in the video they are also discussing the potential this technology will have on the economy, because people will begin to create their own solutions that previously would have required a manufacture.

Kids will no longer need to go to a toy store to buy a toy, they can simply build one at home. Or dad will no longer need to go to the store to buy a screw or nail, or perhaps a part for the car, he will print it.

The potential of this technology is not even close to fully realized and like I have been saying, it will effect a lot of different businesses. So acknowledge the technology and try to discover if there are ways that you could benefit from this technology.

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