About Us

Palm Converter was born out of passion, experience, and fun. We recognize the world of technology is constantly changing and we want to change with it. If you don’t keep up with technology you get lost in the smoke and dust of everyone else. Platforms are constantly changing and merging and keeping up with it all can a part time job – in fact it is my part time job. After working for ten years at a large manufacture in texas that created components for semi conductors I decided it was time to do something I was more passionate about. Although I am not fully realizing my ultimate dream, I am certainly making headway. Working part time for a large marketing firm I am becoming well aware of consumer technology and platforms that are essential in our 21st century world. So I seek to bring my expertise and passion to you guys here and share the latest trends and technology, marketing, and other related fields that interests me. I hope to bring my readers a wealth of knowledge, and expertise when it comes to modern technology and user interfaces.

If you want to stay connected, get in touch with me by checking out my contact page.