Advertising (PPC)

Most of us know the power of advertising, well, actually we probably don’t. Most of us dislike advertising, and probably make the correlation that because we don’t like it, its not effective. However that could not be further from the truth. As much as we don’t want to believe it, advertising is a huge part of successful businesses. Some of you might be asking me however, what if I don’t have the money to advertise?

Well fortunately advertising has become a lot more affordable, and a lot more customizable for businesses. Done are the days where companies put their advertising on billboards, radio commercials, and television commercials. Well actually that is still quite prevalent, but there is a new type of advertising that has emerged, and it’s called targeted marketing. I’ll give you an example of what this type of advertising looks like. Recently I had my pool remodeled by a local pool remodel company. However I did not hear about this company from a friend or see their add on television or anything like that. I actually saw an add on facebook.

Since I was considering pool remodeling at the time, I clicked the add and learned more about the company. However I was shopping around at the time and didn’t take any action to call, at least not yet. » Read more


3D Printing

As always, I encourage small business owners and large business owners to seriously explore modern technologies role and effect on your business. Like I discussed with websites, certain technologies can have pivotal roles on your business. Even if your not someone who likes to stay abreast of new technologies, and simply likes to operate how you have been for the past decade, it’s important for the sake of your business you keep up. Though it’s not necessary to know about every emerging technology, it is important to be familiar with popular technologies that the masses have adopted. Many times technologies come about that may seriously impact your business either in a positive way or a negative way. Some technologies may emerge that may make your business obsolete, while others might offer your business a huge opportunity. So it’s good to be forward thinking, and know what’s coming, and how you can adapt to incorporate the technology, or get out of its way.

Today I want to discuss a modern technology that in the near future will make a huge impact on a lot of different businesses. Like many technologies, it may dismantle certain sectors and make them obsolete, and it may create whole new sectors that have never existed. The technology I am referring to is 3D printing, and in the near future it will cause a lot of commotion. » Read more


Business Website!

As technology becomes more available, and becomes increasingly more affordable, it is important to explore how you can incorporate them into your business. Like we have discussed previously, mobile payment options have made merchant services, dramatically easier and more affordable for small businesses. In addition vehicle wraps, have lowered the entry cost to advertise. No longer do small businesses need to bear the cost of purchasing billboard space. For one low cost business owners can now have a mobile billboard that they drive around town.

Today I want to cover another one of these technologies that you need to be leveraging, and that’s a website! » Read more


Branding (For My Business Owners)

So I’m always looking for great ways to enhance your business and I may have found the best way of all, a vehicle wrap. Here’s a local company a friends used, but I know this is something that’s offered around the country. It’s exactly like it sounds, a wrap that goes around your vehicle. You have probably seen these around your neighborhood or nearest city. They are becoming quite popular for companies who have a fleet of vehicles, but they are also a great idea for small business owners who want to wrap their personal car. » Read more


Mobile Wallets

Well hopefully technology doesn’t scare you, because its about integrate into your life in a big way. If you haven’t noticed your phone can a do a lot more than simply make a phone call these days. I am sure you have been using it to check your email, browse the internet and take loads of awesome pictures, but have you used it to make purchases?

I am sure you have started to notice the merchant service machines at your local coffee shop, grocery store and bike shop are starting to look a little different. This is because many of them are becoming mobile wallet capable. This means that not only can you pay with check or card but you can actually swipe your phone now. The connivence factor for consumers is becoming increasingly desirable and many local stores are accommodating to this new trend. » Read more


Google Drive

So today I want to spend a little time informing my readers on the power of Googles office tools. For many of us we have become accustomed to using Microsoft office for the past couple decades, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. Not that there is anything wrong with using these tools, but I want to make my readers aware of what else is on the block these days. If you haven’t noticed, Google has come out with an office suite of their own. The nice thing about it, and the reason I bring it up you guys is that its entirely FREE. » Read more