Branding (For My Business Owners)

So I’m always looking for great ways to enhance your business and I may have found the best way of all, a vehicle wrap. Here’s a local company a friends used, but I know this is something that’s offered around the country. It’s exactly like it sounds, a wrap that goes around your vehicle. You have probably seen these around your neighborhood or nearest city. They are becoming quite popular for companies who have a fleet of vehicles, but they are also a great idea for small business owners who want to wrap their personal car. We have all seen the window stickers that people put on the back of their cars, but this is the next level of window stickers. The main reason being, the customization options available. By collaborating with a graphic designer you can create a branded logo that almost jumps off your car and into the minds of potential customers that you drive by. For those of us that commute daily to work, this becomes a great opportunity to showcase your business to all the onlookers on the road. In addition the professional look and feel of these vinyl wraps gives a very professional established feel to your business or service.

I know small business owners spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising and most of the time with little return. Car wraps offer a new spin on advertising and branding, because your left with what feels like a new car, that simultaneously works as a powerful marketing tool for yourself. Also, I’ve heard that the vinyl actually protects your vehicles’s paint job, and can be removed at any time if you want to change the design, or simply remove it from your car. For those without a small business there is also a growing culture of people who are simply wrapping their vehicles because the look and feel of it. It offers a new look for your car without committing to an actual paint job, since the vinyl can be removed. I have actually recently seen some cars with chrome and camouflage wraps, so there does not seem to be limit to what they can do.

As a business owner there are many components of creating a successful long standing business. I want to bring you the latest and greatest in technology and online platforms, but you can’t ignore the on the ground efforts that are necessary as well. A vinyl wrap will show your commitment, and will act as a moving billboard for your business until you commit to any further advertising. You also can’t ignore the power of branding, the more people see your brand driving around town the more likely they will be to call. You can feel productive anytime you leave the house because you are working to spread your brand :). After a while your business will have this omnipresent feel (at least locally).

However, if you decide to get your brand wrapped on your car, make sure to keep it clean. there is nothing worse than having your brand associated with a messy car. People may assume the services or product you offer is just as un organized as the look of your car. So if you can’t commit to keeping your exterior clean then maybe hold off until you can ensure this. Additionally, make sure to budget accordingly, and ensure you like your current logo, because the car wraps do cost a pretty penny. So you want to make sure you don’t change your mind three months after, and need to get a new car wrap because your logo changed. Whether your in the market for something like this or not, keep it in mind as you plan your growth over the next couple years.

would love to see pictures if this is something some of you have already committed to.

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