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So today I want to spend a little time informing my readers on the power of Googles office tools. For many of us we have become accustomed to using Microsoft office for the past couple decades, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. Not that there is anything wrong with using these tools, but I want to make my readers aware of what else is on the block these days. If you haven’t noticed, Google has come out with an office suite of their own. The nice thing about it, and the reason I bring it up you guys is that its entirely FREE. I know your probably thinking, how good could it be if it is entirely free, and the answer is honestly, really good. I have been a Microsoft office user for years and have got quite proficient at their platform, but knowing the capability of Google, I had to give their tools a try once I heard about them. To my surprise the Google tools are extremely powerful and very intuitive for new users. Besides being free they also offer the option to share your project with someone else, so they can view it, edit it, or share it again with someone else. Google Doc’s, their version of word, is a extremely useful for groups who are collaborating on a single project. Whether its a project you and your colleagues are working on, or perhaps it’s a school project for a group of students, Google Docs has tremendous capabilities.

Google Sheets, its version of Excel is another extremely useful too in their office suite and does just about everything Excel does, once you get used to it. Again, the option to share your project with another person makes it extremely powerful. I have heard of many small and medium sized companies using Google Sheets for employee invoices and other chart related projects.

The suite includes most of what we have come to love about the functionality of Microsoft Office, but again its free and it syncs seamlessly with Gmail. So anyone in your contact list on gmail can easy be shared with on a project your working on. Beyond all that Google has set up Google Drive, a cloud system that allows you to access your projects from anywhere. In addition you can email large projects via Google Drive that would normally be too large to email as an attachment.

Obviously Google is trying to change the way individuals and businesses use Office computing tools. Though they have not won over all of Microsoft’s users, they are certainly offering an alternative to the Microsoft monopoly that has persisted for the last 50 years or so, and given start up companies a free alternative.

As Google roles out new additions to its Office suite, like its forms, which allows businesses to make surveys and other data collecting forms, I will let you know. I believe Google has only begun to show us what they are capable of and will surely shake things up even more in years to come.

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